Thursday, June 16, 2005


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I got to wondering as to whether there was any Klan presence in NYC. (purely rhetorically, of course)
It seemed that starting a Klan chapter here in New York City would be really dopey, but then I considered who might end up joining the Klan and realized that they where starting from several points of dopiness well outside of the psychic neighborhoods I'm prone to patronize (granting that my usual neighborhood is a bit, shall we say, iffy.)

Here's a Real Audio feed from This American Life
about a fella who infiltrates the Klan and sics Superman on them.
A little later in the broadcast is Jello Biafra talking to the DA who prosecuted him for the whole Frankenchrist/Giger Poster thing.
(This American Life, Know Your Enemy, 3/25/05, Episode 285)

I know what you're thinking:
I'm just mad that they didn't make me Grand Dragon.

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