Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Satan is Real

Satan is Real
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Here's the record that inspired the name of our house of worship.
It may interest you to know that this album cover was shot in a barn with real fire and all during the shoot those "brim"-stones behind them were exploding.

Whether your record collection is all Slayer or Serge Gainsbourg, you should do yourself a favor and go buy this record.
No doubt that Plywood Satan is patching a hole in some chicken coop somewhere.

Biding his time.

There is no patience like the patience of a plywood Satan.


Dave Himself said...

Forgive me for commenting outside of the topic of the post but I just wanted to say. Congrats on the blog and I know how nice it is to get comments. At least I know I am looking forward to any that might be left on my blog which is listed in Tim's Links section.

Rev. Timmy James said...

Buttering up the Preacher will earn you no favour with the Plywood Satan.
Much appreciated though your comments might be.

FreeThinker said...

Satan is Real?

I guess this proves it! Coming soon: demonic possession ...