Thursday, July 07, 2005

Supersuckers Poster Found, Reverend Delighted

Another triumph for indolence and procrastination on my part as Dave of GreedoNeverFired found the very poster I discussed last time on the Guy Burwell site linked in my previous post. (This should be an important lesson about relying on the internet for research materials. Or relying on me for your internet research.)

The other four posters in the series are solo shots of each Supersucker.

See what Santa (ckw) brings you if you're good?

Or at least good compared to "The Evil Kings of Rock and Roll."

You have to set the bar high, you know.


Walking Spanish said...

You can't set the bar too high though because you won't be able to reach your drink.

nopunksleft said...

for the very important and official record, guy burwell is an awesome guy. i went looking for one specific present for tim and came back with five, as well as a killer kings of leon print. i love that he's still making art for rock shows. the only shit i see around town on billboards are clever photographs of bands with some carefully placed fontage and maybe a roseland logo. i'm so happy he still makes that crazy thing called 'art'. guy burwell rulz.