Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Them what gots, keeps.

In order to recover from last Friday's show at Mickey's with Richard Bacchus and The Mad Juanas (I'm still trying to get you cats to all wear matching suits, a boy can dream, right?) I went out to Fire Island ("Isn't it really gay there?... Yeah, you probably shouldn't go.")
To recover from the Island, I finally hung my Christmas present from SlipofaGirl: A set of 5 coordinated Supersuckers Posters from Guy Burwell. That's one of his to the right from The Shame of Rock and Roll. Don't bother looking for the Supersuckers ones she gave me,I couldn't find them.

And the picture I took with my phone came out crappy.

If you want to see the 11 x 17 poster frames I used, go here.

If you want to see the posters, call early (well, not early.)
And bring a bottle.

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Dave Himself said...

Aww come on. Post the crappy pictures. We wanna see em.