Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Underground Teenage Kicks in Beantown

So last Friday it was off to The Abbey Lounge in Somerville, MA (next to Cambridge (next to Boston)) with Ricky & Shelby at the invite of Malibu Lou the Punk Rock Balladeer.

So many good folks to meet after such a long drive, so few hot dogs, so many beers and so much other good music, I can't begin to say thanks, or hi, or I'll get you and your little dog too. (Thanks, everybody. Hi, everybody.)

I did find a note written in ballpoint on my thigh to keep an eye or ear out for Dry County Sorrow.
Also, The Dents, who are visiting NYC Aug 6. Good God Damn.

Thanks to Shelby for the pic (it's funny, you can barely see the chicken wire) and for driving home while Ricky and I finished our "Ultimate Championship of the Universe in Full Contact Auto-Bingo."

Alright, best 3 out of 5?

We're all underground teenagers now.

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